New Automation Controller Firmware

I've just finished a new build of the Nitrogen Logic Automation Controller firmware.  This new version, 0.8.9, adds several fixes and new features.  There is a corresponding update for the Palace Designer software as well.

One notable new feature in this release is improved handling of multiple USB-to-serial adapters.  If a single serial adapter is plugged into the controller when the Palace Designer hardware template is downloaded, then that adapter will be recognized by its make and model, and can be reconnected to any USB port.  However, if multiple serial adapters are connected, they are associated with a specific USB port, and must remain connected to the same USB port.  Note that compatible USB-to-DMX adapters are the same thing as serial adapters in this context.

All new automation controllers will ship with the latest firmware.  Existing customers should contact Nitrogen Logic to receive the update.

list of changes

  • Exported parameters on the controller's status web page are updated in realtime on Firefox and Chrome
  • Current logic performance is displayed on the status page in μs and Hz
  • Fixed floating point support in the Moving Average plugin
  • Significantly improved handling of multiple serial devices
  • The Palace Designer hardware template generated by the controller indicates whether a serial adapter is in use by the currently running logic design
  • Better UI performance when simulating a logic design in Palace Designer
  • Minor improvements to messages displayed during a firmware update