New Depth Camera Controller Firmware - xAP Support

I'm pleased to announce a new firmware version for the Nitrogen Logic Depth Camera Controller.  This new version adds support for the xAP Basic Status and Control protocol.  When xAP is enabled, the Depth Camera Controller will announce changes in each zone's occupied state via xAP on UDP port 3639.  xAP protocol support allows the basic functionality of the Depth Camera Controller to be used with existing home automation systems that support xAP (e.g. HomeSeer).

All newly-shipped Depth Camera Controllers and Automation Controllers will include this firmware update.  Existing customers who have a Depth Camera Controller or Automation Controller may obtain the upgrade by e-mailing Nitrogen Logic.

xAP can be enabled and configured on the updated depth controller Device Settings page (xAP is disabled by default).  You can enable or disable xAP, assign a new four-digit device UID, and, when xAP is enabled, view the xAP endpoints available on the controller.