Halloween PIC

With halloween here it seemed like an ideal time to post code and pics from a simple PIC project I did last year for a costume (intended to be worn under clothing).  It's very loosely based on Tony Stark's reactor in the Iron Man movies, and uses PWM to dim and flash some LEDs.  I've been too busy with Nitrogen Logic to do a full writeup, so here are the pics, and you can find the code on Github.  I'll note that, due to a lack of proper fabrication tools, the housing is rather ugly.

1_breadboard 2_workspace 3_led_9v 5_pic 4_blue_leds 7_resistors_wire 6_icsp_header 8_pickit_powered 9_case_before_drilling 10_drilling 11_diffuser_before_sanding 13_sanded_diffuser_circuit 14_installed 12_diffuser_in_case 15_running Reactor_design