How not to handle feature requests

I'm a big fan of, for three reasons: the price tag, the open file format, and most of the features I need.  But today I got fed up.  When scrolling through a document with the mouse wheel, there is a tooltip that pops up on the right side of the viewport showing the page number and section name.  This tooltip flickers a lot and obscures document text.  Basically, it's a huge distraction from what I'm trying to do and is completely unhelpful.  It's actually borderline nauseating for someone like me who expects a UI to dissolve into my task, not obstruct it.  I'm not the only one who feels this way; there's been an open bug report for the issue since OOo 1.1.1, in 2004.  That's SIX years that the complaint has gone completely ignored, not even so much as a single comment from a developer or any form of triage.  Here's the link:

Super annoying OpenOffice mouse scroll tooltip

I'm still going to use OOo for all my document processing needs, but if this were a business, that would have to be one of the poorest customer service turnaround times I've seen.  By the way, if anybody else is bothered by this issue, the workaround is to disable ALL tooltips in the application.