Coming soon: Depth Camera Controller retail micro-launch, Philips Hue support

The next few weeks will be exciting for fans of Nitrogen Logic.  First of all, I've been working on adding seamless support for the Philips Hue lighting system to the Depth Camera Controller.  Soon you will be able to control your Hue lights with a Depth Camera Controller and a Kinect camera, without requiring a separate automation system.  This new Hue support will be available to all purchasers of the Depth Camera Controller via a free firmware update.  Here's a sneak peek at the new web interface:

Secondly, the Depth Camera Controller has reached the point where it's no longer appropriately described as a "prototype."  A test with a very small initial online retail release will begin soon. If you've been waiting for an "official" release of the Depth Camera Controller before purchasing, your wait will soon be over:


Customers who purchased a "prototype" Depth Camera Controller can install the latest firmware update, build 31, to get exactly the same software and features as the retail Depth Camera Controller.  Click the "Check for updates" link on your controller's Settings page, or contact Nitrogen Logic, to obtain this new firmware version.

new in build 31

  • Very minor improvements to web interface layout.
  • Fixed slow loading times in the experimental WebGL view (accessible from a link in the Depth Camera Controller's main setup page footer).
  • Event log is preserved across controller reboots.