Curiosity's View of Mars in Pseudocolor 3D

GIMP and I spent a little quality time with the earliest full-size images from the Curiosity rover on Mars (artistic license was taken; this is not how the Martian sky actually looks — I know it's not blue):

View on Mars from Curiosity's Hazcam

To view in 3D, zoom out using your browser's zoom feature, then look through your monitor (not cross-eyed) until the red dots align, or you start to see 3D, sort of like a random dot stereogram.

how it was made

Update: The Curiosity rover has stereo pairs of cameras that help it avoid hazardous obstacles.  I placed the raw images from each stereo camera side by side, applied a partial lens correction distortion, adjusted the image levels, added the red alignment dots, then selected and colorized the sections of the image by hand using the Curves, Levels, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, and Colorize tools.