WebGL, new features added to Kinect-powered home automation controller

I'm pleased to announce a new firmware version for the Nitrogen Logic automation controllers.  This update comes with performance improvements and several new features.

new features

Depth Controller

  • An experimental WebGL display -- fly around the room and see zones in 3D
  • Better image display performance

Automation Controller

  • Wake on LAN plugin
  • Hardware watchdog enabled for better reliability

Palace Designer software

  • Object I/O port tooltips are updated when the port's range changes
  • Updated Palace Designer virtual machine to include Firefox 9

All new controllers will ship with the latest version of the software.  Existing customers should contact Nitrogen Logic to obtain updates for their controllers.  To order, visit the Nitrogen Logic products page for more info, then use the Contact Us link to request a controller.

unboxing/howto video

See this video showing controller unboxing, step-by-step setup, and the latest features. Watch this video to know exactly what you get when you buy a controller from Nitrogen Logic, as well as how to get a Kinect to control your lights and other devices.  The Kinect control tutorial begins at 12:30.