New video coming soon -- Controller unboxing, Kinect+WebGL demo

Greetings, Internet, and happy holidays!

For the past month or more I've been working on a new video to demonstrate the latest features added to the Nitrogen Logic Depth Controller and Automation Controller, as well as step-by-step tutorials for setting them up.  After dozens of hours of coding, screen recording, voice overs, and editing, the video is finally edited and ready to upload.

Unfortunately, just now in the moment of triumph, YouTube told me the video is too long.  So while I'm figuring out which critical parts of the already dense video to speed up beyond comprehensibility or eliminate, here are a few screen shots to whet your appetite:

Update Dec. 27, 2011: My phone finally received a massive influx of YouTube verification codes that were sent yesterday, so the full-length video will be available soon.  Look for another blog post in the next few hours.

Webgl Zones Palace Unboxing